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Top Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Top Qualities to Look for In an Agent

Are you looking for the right real estate agent for you? Every client deserves an agent who not only shares your vision but elevates it to the next level. Whether you are buying or selling, we want to aide you in your home search with agents who will be there for you every step of the way as you move into the next stage of your story. We understand this is a special time in your life and are here to ease the stress of your transition and help ensure you love your new home! This blog highlights what we at Marsh Landing Realty feel are some of the top qualities to search for when picking an agent to help navigate you through the buying or selling journey.

Aligned with Your Desires

Before looking for anything else in your real estate agent, you must start by finding one who is 100% on board with what you are wanting to get out of your buying or selling experience. Granted, the best agents will also be the ones who see what you might desire and tell you when something you desire is unrealistic, while also fighting as hard as they can to get you as close to your desires as possible, especially in the case of purchasing your first home. Finding someone who is an intentional listener is a must when picking the right real estate agent. Your agent should be able to ask good questions and pick your brain to discover each of your desires, whether small or large, for the sole purpose of wanting to make as many of those dreams come true as possible.

Know When the Price Is Right

An agent who undoubtedly knows the market is also one who knows exactly what prices to aim for at the right times and how to win you the most ‘bang for your buck’. They need to be visibly knowledgeable of current market trends in each area of the city you are buying or selling in. You might be able to tell this by the language they use when communicating to you about your area’s market as well as how they justify their price suggestions. If you’re really looking to add deal value to the money or home you walk away with, your real estate agent must also be talented in their ability to make offers that entice the other party while simultaneously giving you the advantage. Try to find an agent who is tastefully competitive in the sense that they won’t give up until both they and you feel good about the deal they’re closing on your behalf.

Patient Yet Passionate Partner

Just as eager as you are in your search for your ideal real estate agent, so are the ideal agents in their quest to grow their reputation, gain more experience and help their clients write their next chapter. Choosing a real estate agent is more of a mutually beneficial partnership than one might realize! This is why finding someone who is sincerely there to passionately fight by your side, always hear you out, and yet also give productive suggestions is essential. Look for the agent that has the passion for what they do in the name of manifesting your vision and yet has the patience to both endure the process while thinking on their feet to overcome any hiccups along the way. Such a process can be difficult at times, so securing quality managers of adversity for the sake of their partnership with you can produce many benefits down the road. There is a lot involved in what can occasionally be a toilsome affair, so get yourself a partner that understands this and clearly has their heart in it to keep all potential issues to a minimum and all potential profits to a maximum!

Respectfully Relational

It can be easy for some agents to get lost in the ordeals of real estate to the point they come out the other end never truly getting to know you. This quality might not be as logistically essential to the success of the transaction, but top-notch agents make your time with them more than just a transaction. They take the extra steps needed to ensure they get to know you personally, as that is key to ensuring they meet your needs through the selling or buying process. These are the agents who build genuine connections with their clients and are constantly referred to friends and family due to the single fact that these agents know how to help you feel both understood and valued.

Are you stuck searching for the right real estate agent who possesses these top qualities? If so, we believe our agents are the ones for you! If you’re interested in getting to know your potential partner in this next part of your home-owning journey, contact Marsh Landing Realty at 904-285-6514 or visit our website:

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