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The Ideal Home Inspector: What to Search For?

Finding the right home inspector can be difficult, as most home buyers do not innately know what to look for when picking the right person to evaluate their potential investment. Selecting the right home inspector is a more important decision to make than some may realize. It is relatively easy to walk into a home and love what you see, however, what’s underneath can cause issues down the line if those potential issues aren’t noticed and addressed up front. This is why having a detail-oriented inspector who catches things that you—or a lesser inspector—might not, is essential to the process of buying a home that will truly be able to carry you throughout the next stage of your life.

Are you in the home buying process and having trouble evaluating whether it is a good investment?  Have no fear! Keep reading to ease any stress you may have and find everything you need to know to get started when it comes to picking the perfect home inspector.


Well-Respected Over Well-Known

The first step in your search for a home inspector is the obvious one: research. You want to be careful not to use “being well-known” as your basis in your search. Being well-known doesn’t always equate to being well-respected. Using “well-respected” as a basis for your search might instead lead you to a local inspector who has only had a few clients but does their job right. Well-known inspectors very well might also be well-respected, but just keep an eye out for the diamond’s in the rough that can be easy to overlook. This way you can avoid going to a well-known inspector who either doesn’t do their job the way you would like it done, or simply charges too much for the price of their prominence.

Complete a detailed search for any bad reviews or complaints, ask for their license information, and see how up to date their licenses and required education courses are once you decide to hire one. You can even request a sample inspection to get an understanding of their inspection methods. Don’t be afraid to be overly thorough on your part so that you can get an inspector who is even more thorough on their part! The bottom line is you want a proper inspection from a respected home inspector who knows what to look for in all of the right places.

Take Their Time Without Wasting a Dime

Home inspectors generally don’t want to spend more time than they have to at each home, which is understandable. However, the best home inspectors will spend exactly as much time as they NEED to in order to tediously ensure that every bullet on their list is crossed off and checked twice. They firmly desire to give you the best service for the amount of money they charge as a means to both maintain their reputation and to genuinely serve you as their client. A true home inspector cares about your safety and wants your home to be in the best shape possible for you to move in at a reasonable price.

Discover an inspector’s motives and what their process looks like when you meet with them to see if they are the right fit for you. You might even want to ask if they mind going over the things that they look for with you in order to not only better understand their level of thoroughness, but to also educate yourself! Granted, higher quality inspectors will naturally come with a larger price tag. Simply make sure throughout your research and interview processes that you will be receiving what you are paying for without going any higher than necessary for quality service.

Receptive of Your Care

Typical home inspections require several key components of a home to be analyzed, including but not limited to HVAC systems, roofing, water drainage, termites (wdo), electricity systems, and the foundational structure of your home. Quality inspectors are aware of how overwhelming this step of the process can be and are receptive to your level of care whenever you might have a question or something specific that you’d like them to make sure they check. Otherwise, you might hire an inspector who places their knowledge and ability over your own peace of mind. Put this to the test early on in your interview process by asking good questions and making your inspector aware of anything specific you’d like checked from the beginning.

Selecting the right inspector can be stressful which is why we suggest you take these things into consideration when looking for the home inspector who will give you the experience you deserve as you look to protect yourself and your future home. Visit sites such as HomeAdvisor, AngiesList, and NextDoor to start your search today and to help ensure you don’t overpay! When choosing to work with Marsh Landing Realty, we’ve already done the research for you and have the perfect referral list when it comes to making sure your new home receives a thorough inspection. Plus, we’re here to help walk you through the entire inspection and ensure you get the best value. Let us do the hard work for you!

Contact us today to ensure you’re covered from beginning to end when it comes to the homebuying process!






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