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The Perfect Home Office

Work environment influences productivity more than any other factor. From finding the right desk, chair, and aesthetic to selecting the appropriate temperature and lighting, home office design is much more complex than some may initially realize. Without an environment that suits your profession and preferences, you will have a much harder time staying on task while avoiding distractions or wishing you were somewhere else. This is precisely why we at Marsh Landing Realty have pulled together a list of the top five things to consider when designing your perfect home office.

1. Vibe

It is true that lacking the right work environment can lead to productivity struggles, but the real question remains: what exactly is the ‘right’ work environment? The answer is different for everyone. The first key step is creating a space that provides you with the most comfort and the least number of distractions. Research different office space styles until you find the one that speaks to you. Pinpoint things like the furniture style, wall color, decorations, and floor material that will aide your concentration.

Every detail can play a role in how well your workspace allows for you to be the most efficient with your time. Maybe you like a simpler and sleeker look using various whites and wood textures; or maybe you prefer darker tones that highlight certain elements of the room. Whatever your vibe may be, find one that aligns with your interest and interior design preferences without causing you to be so comfortable that you would only use the space to relax rather than work.

2. Layout

The next step is deciding the layout of your home office. This step is one that can always be adjusted but is good to have a general idea of before moving forward. Obviously, this will depend on factors such as the size, ceiling height, and number of entryways in the room you’re utilizing as an office. If you are often in virtual meetings and need to be facing a light source, place your desk accordingly. If certain areas of your home are louder than others, move your desk furthest away from where the noise generally originates from.

All other pieces of furniture and contents in the room should be laid out depending on the placement of your desk, which should always be done first. Prioritize the angle and view you need to maintain a consistent work ethic. Consider what you will be placing on your wall and position your desk towards anything that you need to have a constant view of or access to such as a bookcase, clock, calendar, or whiteboard. Deciding on a base layout for your office will help you design a solid foundation, which you can build the following steps off of.

3. Lighting

As we briefly mentioned, you should position your desk near a natural light source if possible, especially if you plan on being in professional virtual meetings often. However, choosing how to add light to your space has more complex implications than merely the positioning of your desk. The quality, type, and intensity of the lighting is just as, if not more important than the positioning of your furniture around said lighting. Good lighting has been scientifically proven to increase both positive mood as well as productivity. This is especially true for natural light rather than light that is merely artificial.

Find the level of brightness that is right for you and will complete your desired atmosphere whether you prefer the light to fill the entire room or simply accent certain areas. We recommend having at least some level of light be natural due to the proven positive correlation with high levels of productivity. In a study done by the World Green Building Council, exposure to daylight increased worker productivity by 18% compared to working without daylight exposure. For artificial lighting, decide on a cohesive color and tint that matches the look you’re going for. Choose the best light for your type of work; whether you like white light, classic yellow-orange light, or enjoy other colors of the spectrum. Just be sure to discern which lights may cause more of a disturbance than an assistance.

4. Equipment

In order to make your home office both comfortable and practical, it must have all of the technology and basic equipment you need to get the job done. This way everything is already within the confines of your office, which saves you from multiple trips that can easily rob you of precious time. Make sure you start this fourth step with the essentials: a printer, desktop hardware, and a device charging station. The remaining equipment is more of a personal choice depending on your occupation. Nonetheless, you should always have a printer nearby, the desktop hardware required to run your computer, and a charging station to prevent you from getting up multiple times to charge your various devices.

If you enjoy listening to music while doing your work, be sure to make use of speakers. We advise that you only include equipment such as a television if it is an absolute necessity. Do not give yourself the opportunity for pure entertainment in your office. This includes video game consoles, arcade games, table games, or anything that will cause you to waste time. There are plenty of other places in your house to be entertained with such things; we recommend your office not be one of them. Make space for the equipment that aides your field of work and move everything else to other areas of your home.

5. Finishing Touches

The final and most influential step in completing your office is giving it your own personal flare! Go through and bring the space to life with the things that give you genuine joy and encouragement. Add pictures of your family and friends to the shelves and walls, decorate with posters of your favorite sports teams or music bands, and make the office truly YOURS. Hang or showcase any awards you’ve won as a reminder that you are capable of achieving even more greatness than you already have. Ponder adding candles or plant life to the room to produce pleasant aromas and give your aesthetic an extra boost.

We think your space should feel like you and not the hectic chaos of a corporate building. Your space should give you peach and a clear mind, motivating you to get the most amount of work done in the least amount of time.

We’re confident that if you keep these five steps in mind when designing and decorating your home offices, you’ll be more productive and happier when working from home.

We hope these steps were helpful for you and would love to hear about your journey towards your perfect home office. Contact us at Marsh Landing Realty here to explore the best homes for your new work from home lifestyle.

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