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Benefits of Waterfront Living in Jacksonville

We may be biased, but Jacksonville is the perfect place to live when it comes to owning waterfront property. Whether the marsh, a lake, our rivers, the intracoastal or even the beach, Jacksonville is no stranger to various levels of waterfront living. As there are with any home purchase, there’s a few drawbacks to consider before buying a home on the water such as maintenance, privacy, insects, and tides. However, we believe there are too many reasons in favor of waterfront living for homeowners to not at least consider what it could look like for them. Here’s why we think you should consider waterfront living if you’re in the market for a new home!

High Quality of Life

Believe it or not, many research studies have consistently shown a correlation between waterfront living and higher levels of joy and peace in one’s everyday life. This is largely due to factors such as the ocean breeze, beautiful sunrises, and beautiful sunsets. Just by a change of location, people have experienced a higher or lower quality of life depending on their proximity to water. As an added bonus, the air is usually cleaner the closer that one gets to a body of water, meaning an escape from polluted air for waterfront homeowners. Imagine waking up to the sunrise peeking in through your window and going outside for a fresh breath of air as you enjoy the view over the water accompanied with a nice ocean breeze. If it is within your budget and seems like a life you could envision yourself living, we definitely recommend you consider waterfront living!

Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

Another bonus to living by the water is the outdoor lifestyle it encourages. This may not always be the case, but waterfront living commonly leads to more time outside by the water or even on the water. If you have access to a boat, the opportunities are limitless for fun activities like tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, and more! You automatically have an entirely new realm of entertainment right outside your home to enjoy rather than staying inside all day or having to constantly leave your house to find entertainment around the city. Your ability to relax away from the loud traffic and busy streets adds another level of tranquility, allowing your focus to be directed completely towards whatever outdoor activity you’re participating in such as outdoor yoga, kayaking, or fishing.

Investment Opportunity

On the real-estate side of the equation, waterfront homes are a great investment that tend to return more value than your average home purchase. This is especially due to the high demand for waterfront living in general, as well as specifically in Jacksonville. The majority of waterfront homes are located in luxury or semi-luxury residential areas that are highly sought after for many of the reasons previously listed. These neighborhoods and communities tend to only grow in value and allow for your re-sale price to possess much more freedom to sell high, especially for the houses on the water. Waterfront homes are typically as open and peaceful as the community around them, making for an investment not only in the home itself, but in the waterfront area as well.

Are you interested in waterfront living in Jacksonville and want to learn more? Contact us here for more information. We’d love to help you any way we can and hope we’ve helped you think more about owning waterfront property in Jacksonville, Florida.

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