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2021 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Into Cleaning

If you’ve been looking for a sign to reset and do a deep clean of your house, this is it! As challenging as recent times have been, spring is a time of renewal to get back to feeling your best. Even if it’s only one room, you may be surprised how much satisfaction can come from a simple tidying up of your home. From the basic house cleaning necessities to the specifics for individual rooms, we’ve got the perfect essential spring-cleaning list to get your house looking brand new. Check out the list below and keep reading for details!

The House

To get started, feel free to print out the list found here as you consider which areas of your home you’d like to tackle first. We want this to be as simple and hopefully as refreshing as possible for you so that you can truly enjoy the reward of participating in spring cleaning. The basics of cleaning your home will be present in most other rooms where applicable, but the best place to begin is by dusting countertops, light fixtures, shelves, and décor so that you can avoid vacuuming more than once. Clean your windows with Windex and wipe down your blinds so that the focal points of your room lighting are not tainted by stains or large collections of dust and dead insects.

Spot-clean your walls with cleaning wipes, but make sure any chemicals in the wipes won’t bleach your walls or affect the paint. Dispose of all trash and sort any clutter into a pile for you to keep and a pile for you to donate. Sweep, mop, and vacuum around AND under furniture to keep your home free of particles and trash compounding in spots you can’t see and will attract bugs. Wipe down doors, knobs, and baseboards to give your entryways an extra shine that invites guests rather than turn them away. Do these basic steps for all of the rooms in your house and watch the huge difference unfold right before your eyes!

The Kitchen

Now it’s time to get into specifics. Your kitchen is arguably the most influential room in a house regarding both visual appeal and functional character. That means it’s one of the most important spots to keep clean, especially since it is also susceptible to the most messes where food is being cooked and often consumed, leading to dishes and pots needing to be cleaned. Start by cleaning out the biggest sources of your food: the fridge and the pantry. Get rid of expired food, wipe down shelves, and organize the food you want to keep so that things are easy to find. We recommend items closer to expiring be placed in the front, so they get used first. Also, wipe down countertops, cabinets and shelves with wipes capable of absorbing fluids well. Do the same for cabinet knobs and drawer interiors.

Next, you’ll want to use a degreaser on your backsplash to maintain and highlight as much of its original flare as possible. Deep clean all of the interiors of your appliances such as your dishwasher, microwave, and oven. Clean your sink while making sure your drain and garbage disposal are clear as well. Wash and refill any ice trays in your freezer and finish up by organizing your cabinet spaces in a manner best suited for you to locate what you need when you need it.

The Bathroom

While the kitchen may be the most important central feature of the house to clean, the bathroom is quite possibly the most important to clean, period. The highest concentration of germs exist here and bathrooms generally play a major role in the comfortability of guests. Wipe down your mirrors and shower glass until each are restored to being crystal clear. Sanitize the counters, sink, faucets, shower head, and clean out the drain. Use a quality bathroom cleaner to scrub the gunk off of your toilet, bathtub, shower walls, and tiles. Don’t forget the easy to miss grout in the tiles that can surprisingly add a lot to the perception of cleanliness in any bathroom.

Make sure to avoid any unnecessary clutter at all costs, considering most bathrooms are relatively small spaces that are not very difficult to mess up. Clean out your cabinets, drawers, and counter space of things like expired medications and organize accordingly. Also organize and launder any laundry or towels laying around to keep the space from smelling or simply feeling less quaint. A clean bathroom takes the unique aspects of your bathroom design and highlights them for you to be able to truly appreciate.

The Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom is very dependent on the list we included for the house overall, however, there are a few other marks to check off that can take your bedroom to the next level. Begin with the obvious: launder your bed sheets and pillowcases. Not only does this add to the look of your room, but it helps your bed feel just as good as it looks! Store away any out-of-season clothes to make room for your in-season clothes and donate clothes that you don’t use. Organize and hide any nightstand clutter neatly into a drawer, dresser, or closet of some kind along with your remaining clothes that don’t need to be sprawled across the room.

If you use curtains, consider laundering or vacuuming them in order to truly accent your window rather than distract from it. For the same reason, clean your windowsills, giving your room the extra touch it needs to go the distance in overall aesthetic. Dust your lampshades and even more importantly, your ceiling fan so that you rid your bedroom of every bit of dust capable of contributing to allergies and depleting the overall vibe of the space. Let the room you sleep in be one that optimizes pure comfort through cleanliness.

The Office

Your office space should do everything it can to foster your work productivity, including how clean it is. Cluttered spaces naturally have the potential to negatively impact your mindset and ability to concentrate. This can be steered clear of if the space you dedicate towards getting work done is as clean as possible and reflects your comfort preferences without being too comfortable. Do so by cleaning all your electronic screens, sanitizing high touch surfaces like keyboards and mouses, and dusting bookshelves and décor. Clean your phone, earbuds, headphones, and other devices that you use often in your office as well.

Safely wipe down cords and outlets so they are clear of any sticky substances or anything that could impact the electrical current. If you don’t already have one, brainstorm investing in some sort of labeled filing system or cabinet to organize your work. Straighten up your desk surface and drawers to keep from wasting time searching for what you need to get your work done efficiently. Finally, toss out any old papers that are filling up folder and cabinets without any purpose or meaning.

Did you find this spring-cleaning list to be helpful? Contact us at for any questions, concerns, or more tips on how to keep your home squeaky clean!





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